Six, SIX garden beds

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Here are some more updated shots of the garden - you can see all six beds (including the two that aren't totally leveled and filled in yet). There's also a shot of the psuedo deer rigging. I'm not sure what deer's favorite food might be, but I thought the lettuces might be the thing to tempt them and so I started with fencing those in. We'll follow suit on the other beds shortly. You can't see it too well, but basically there is plastic netting (like you'd use to keep birds out) strung up around the bed on the PVC. Then one whole side is separately netted so you can take it out for easy access to the beds.

Everything is growing great so far, and just about everything that I've planted out from seed is sprouting, except two of the three darn pea varieties! One is coming up, but the other two, nothing. I'm starting to lose hope that they're going to germinate at all. I need to figure out what the one that is coming up is, and put more of those out! Nothing better than spring peas.

More to come!


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