Friday, November 18, 2011

Ok, I am way behind!
I am going to skip any forced date associations and just list some stuff that I've been thank*full for lately.
- Hokie Football, Logan Thomas and the whole amazing team
- Seeing family and friends that we haven't seen in a long time (Dad Baute, our marvelous friends Teague and Crystal)
- The Master Gardener program, and the Junior Master Gardener program which I was lucky enough to get to volunteer with this year (JMG will start up again in February)
- My Dad's ability to keep pushing himself - he has recovered from initially being almost completely immobile, to walking with a walker, to walking with a cane, and now just walking.  My heart is so glad.

And, finally...  One thing I am especially excited about is that I am putting together a giving plan for 2012.  This is the first time I have done it and I couldn't be more enthusiastic.  In the past I have happily supported numerous charities in a haphazard way, donating as a the whim hits me, often reactive to one plea or another.  It  occurred to me that I'm overlooking some that I'd like to support simply because they haven't made a recent plea.  So, for 2012 I'm making a list of 12 charities and will make a "planned" donation each month.  I can still do the haphazard stuff if an organization I didn't include in my list of 12 seems compelling, but I will make sure that I'm supporting the 12 charities I choose in the coming year.  I am super blessed to have the means to be able to give.


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