Monday, November 14, 2011

November 8
Aren't we all so blessed to have such great technology?  I mean, think about how far we've come.  I posted something the other day remembering back to typing on carbon copies on a typewriter.  What a miserable experience that was...  Each typo there in triplicate forevermore.  I spend hours each day staring at a computer - a mixed blessing, maybe, but I think a blessing nonetheless.  We don't need to buy the Encyclopedia Brittanica any more; all the information you could ever ask for is available at our fingertips at any time.  I'm super thankful for that.

November 9
I am thankful for sharp cheddar cheese.  A deep and abiding love of cheese is something I share with my Dad (inherited from?).  He sent me a giant round thing of cheese from Figi's - three or five pounds or something.  I cut it into huge chunks and froze some of them.  I think the cheese arrived on Tuesday... As of Friday I'd finished one of the huge chunks....  <3

November 11
Today I am grateful for, the swappers there and the organized craft swaps.  This site really brought my creativity back into my life in a fun way.  The craft swaps are short turn around and a huge variety of options, so it is really fun for me as someone that is very fickle and likes to context switch.  I can work in paper one day and fibers the next.  I can sew, then make salt dough, then papercraft, and all of it for a fun cause of making something fun for craft partners.

November 13
Dar Williams in concert at the Lyric theater.  A great husband, and a new WOW group to play with.  Grateful for a great day!


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