Gallup Strengthsfinder Observations

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My company is a big advocate of the Gallup Strengthsfinder, and the more I have the opportunity to observe myself and others, the more I am a believer in the truth and value of the assessment also.  My top 5 strengths (in order) are:  Relator, Restorative, Achiever, Harmony, Intellection.

My next strengths (in order) are:

  • Analytical
  • Deliberative
  • Arranger
  • Input
  • Self-Assurance
  • Command
  • Discipline

What does this mean?   Well, the net effect of some of these strengths manifested itself recently in an interaction with my sister.

We'd made plans to go see a movie, one that I'd been wanting to see for a while.  It was in limited release, which meant that the options for times and places to see it were also limited. My sister went through her morning following her own agenda, including a variety of errands.  I was basically sitting around around all morning waiting for her to arrive.  She arrived and we discovered that we'd essentially have to jump up, run out the door and straight to the theater to (barely) make the show start time (it was a :15 drive and the show time was in :15, for example).  This didn't align to my expectations - it was not deliberative, it was not arranged, it lacked discipline...  I didn't want to do it.  It felt messy and rushed.

I have an extreme bias against feeling rushed, and I think that it is rooted in these "strengths" - my personality quirks.  In particular, my deliberative strength makes me nervous if I feel that I am rushing in without due diligence.  My input strength makes me want to be sure I get all the information.  My intellection strength means I like to think about things.  There are definite benefits (or "pros") to all of the strengths, but obviously for every "pro" there can also be a few "cons".  

Just a note of interest.  My recent post about control is an observation on myself as much as of others.  If you're interested to read the descriptions of the strengths listed above, Google the phrase "Gallup (Strength)" and the description will pop up (e.g. "Gallup Intellection").

So THIS explains why I am slow, stubborn, and bossy.  Or, from the flip side, why I am thoughtful, well-organized, thorough, and confident...


Julie Smith said...

You and I aren't so different! It was really hard for me, not knowing till the last possible moment if Dwaine was going with us on our recent ski trip! That was the most stressful part of everything, for me, just the not knowing.

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