Starting seeds!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Well, we're finally at that point in the year that we can start GARDENING! At least, start growing seeds indoors. One of my favorite resources for this is courtesy of Little House in the Suburbs, it is their Spring Garden Planner. It says 2009 but will work for any year since you fill in the dates inside yourself. It has very helpful info about what to start indoors at various points, and also what to start outdoors. Thanks to their handy little guide, tonight I got the following seeds started:

2 x Jalapeno
2 x Cayenne
4 x Brussels Sprouts - Long Island Improved
2 x Cabbage - Mammoth Red Rock
2 x Cabbage - Brunswick
2 x Cabbage - Early Jersey Wakefield
4 x Collards - GA Sourthern
4 x Collards - Morris Heading
10 x Leeks - Autumn Giant
10 x Leeks - Bleu de Solaise
6 x Onions - Tropeana Round

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds? That's where the majority of these are from.

Coming soon? Tomatoes!! I guess I'll back off a bit from the 32 tomato plants we had (which went to seed because we couldn't keep up). I have 15 on my plan for this year. Which brings me to another great resource - GrowVeg. Highly recommended.

Also on the plan (but may or may not be getting started soon: cantaloupe, bush beans, cucumber, bell peppers, sweet potatoes, carrots, summer & winter squashes (various), peas, beets, turnips, swiss chard, and a whole mess of various herbs.



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