Why I am voting for Tim Kaine for Senate

Monday, August 27, 2012

I received an email today from the League of Conservation Voters, which referenced THIS email, from candidate for Virginia Senator George Allen.

Have you met Tim Kaine's friends?
Allow me to introduce you to the League of Conservation Voters.
They've come running to Tim Kaine's aid with an attack ad against George Allen. And here's why.
Tim Kaine and LCV have bonded over a radical agenda against affordable, reliable sources of American energy.
When the EPA announced proposed regulations to ban new coal-fired plants, LCV cheered the "nail in the coffin for new conventional coal plants." Tim Kaine has said "My advice is, don't try to weaken regulations."
Tim Kaine and the LCV stood shoulder to shoulder against the Keystone pipeline that would create thousands of jobs with energy from our ally Canada.
To lock up even more energy resources, the LCV wants to ban all offshore energy production. Tim Kaine has been on both side of that issue.
Even worse, Tim Kaine and LCV champion the Cap and Trade energy tax scheme that would result in skyrocketing electricity, fuel and food costs for hard-working, struggling families.
Virginians can't afford these Tim Kaine and LCV policies that will harm families and will cause massive job losses.
Will you give $25, $15 or $5 today to elect George Allen and stop Tim Kaine's radical environmentalist agenda?
LCV is pouring money into Tim Kaine's coffers - will spend millions on TV and have brought in over $100,000 to his campaign.
George Allen needs your help to get out his positive message of unleashing our American energy resources from our coalfields to off our coast.
He stands for clean coal, natural gas, offshore oil and gas, and more because he knows that these resources power our economy and create the jobs we need.
American energy means more affordable electricity bills. Less money spent at the filling station. And more freedom to invest and grow with our own resources.
Will you join George Allen today in standing with the hard-working men and women whose jobs are under attack from Tim Kaine and LCV's radical environmentalist agenda?
Please give $25, $15 or $5 today to make sure your voice - the voice of energy freedom - is heard in Washington.
Thank you for your continued support.
Mike Thomas
Campaign Manager
George Allen for U.S. Senate

I didn't want to make any brash decisions based on an email, to support a candidate I knew little about (Tim Kaine).  I mean, if he is asking to regulate coal-fired plants, position himself against the Keystone pipeline, ban offshore energy production and champion the Cap and Trade tax (in the words of his OPPONENT), I think I want to vote for the guy, but just to be sure I did a bit more research.

He has a great record of fiscal responsibility based on his personal track record during the time that he was Governor of Virginia.  Awesome.

He wants to expand markets for American goods and services.  Cool.

He stood with Planned Parenthood at the Women are Watching tour to support women's rights.  Great.

I know every politician is exactly that, and skews data in their own favor.  That being said, the arguments made FOR him by his OPPONENT speak the loudest to me and ring with the loudest possibility of truth.  Those are things I support.

I've donated to, I will volunteer for, and I will vote for TIM KAINE for Senate for Virginia.


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