ADVENTURE! Hot Glass Day Pack

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hello multitudes of worldwide readers (ha!),

In my last post I talked about picking my 2012 theme, "ADVENTURE."  Today I will get to have an adventure, so I thought I'd give you a sneak peek.  It is a "Hot Glass Day Pack" class at the Jacksonville Center for the Arts.  I've always been interested in the courses offered at JAX, but they seemed pretty pricey and a bit indulgent for just another fickle crafting experiment.  When Groupons pop up that enable me to take full advantage at half the cost?  I'm all over it!

Here is the description of the class I'll be taking this afternoon (lifted verbatim from the JAX site):
 "Fire up your day in the Jax glass studio! Learn how to control hot, dripping glass to create beautiful and funky beads with all the colors of the rainbow. Each participant will learn about different kinds of glass used in hot glass production, especially soft glass and its special requirements, and will produce several beads using soft glass supplied by the center."

I'm pretty excited to check it out (and a little nervous about working with a heat torch).

I'll do a post-class show and tell update later... Stay tuned!


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