Crafty Craziness

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I've looked at Craftster a lot in the past, but never really took the time to become an active participant on the site. I was searching for crafts online and came across a bunch of CRAFTY SWAPS happening, and I got so excited to participate that I finally decided to sign up! And then (insert dramatic "Dun dun DUN..." here), I found out that you have to do 10 posts before they'll allow you to post pictures there, and have posted 15 times to participate in a swap! UGH! I mean... I get it, I really do, but what am I supposed to post about without pictures?! So, I'm going to use this site for the picture hosting, so that I can get some posts under way. Luckily I have a few handy crafts I've already done that I can post about. Here are the snaps!


Julie Smith said...

C-Rella! It's so good to hear from you. I'm eating my heart out over here.

Love, the uncraftiest person on Earth --

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