Time is passing...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's winter now. This morning the trees were sparkling silver with ice. It was like a dream.

We have a new Welsh Terrier puppy, Charlie (that's him in the picture, along with our Mini Schnauzer Grace). He was born on August 28th and came home with us on November 8th. He is a rascal, but I'd expect nothing less.

Life comes in ebbs and waves for me, times that I can't stop doing a certain thing (e.g. reading books, posting on my blog, cooking) and then the times that I have no interest in those things. After Murphy died on May 5th, I lost interest and sort of went undercover for a while. Now I'm trying to work myself out of the ebb, so here I am, trying to write.

One light on the horizon is that I'm going to an awesome retreat in April, a wonderful birthday present from John (my fortieth birthday is in January, shh!!). It is the Celebrate Your Light Women's Self-Love Retreat. I couldn't be more excited. My favorite author/artist of all time will be leading one full day of sessions - SARK. I'm looking forward to it. I want to spend my 40th year reconnecting with myself and realigning. I'm ready.


LMichelle said...

So glad to have you back here! I've got your blog on my Morning Coffee and was thrilled to see you writing again.

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