Sunday, December 20, 2009

We got our second big snow of the year already - it started on Friday afternoon and kept going right on through the better part of Saturday, dumping about 14" here at my house. Charlie is a huge fan of the snowy weather and seems to want to stay out in it as long as we'll let him, and then some. It was sort of a mess - I had trouble getting home on Friday, and it took John 2 or 3 hours to get a good portion of the driveway cleared today. But it sure is beautiful!!

I managed to get out to the grocery today to get a few things I needed for some recipes I'm working on. In the works right now: On onion tart, a zucchini-tomato-cheese tart, and some butter cookies. Whew! Well, to be honest I prepped the dough for the cookies this morning and it is chilling in the fridge right now.

We're thinking of going to DC for a couple of days over Christmas, since (for the first time ever, I think!) we have no one visiting and no real time or money to fly and visit others. I'm hoping the tarts and such will travel well and we can make them our Christmas meal... We shall see!


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