Slowly growing garden

Saturday, June 6, 2009

So here are a few updated pics of the garden, including one showing all six beds that we finally got finished up with about a month ago, thanks to John's dad who was in town visiting and helped wrap up the last two. The first pic below shows the bed with various leaf lettuces, including Forellenschluss, Merveille des Quatre Saisons, Val D'Orges, Rocky Top Lettuce Salad Mix, and European Mesclun Salad Mix. All are from seeds from my favorite seed company, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. The 2nd pic is some of the organic zucchini plants in bloom. Pic 3 is some of the tomato plants that are finally starting to get a bit stockier, and the next to last pic is of the sugar snap peas, this one plant is growing quickly and all the rest seem to be floundering.

We've had a lot of problems with pests eating the plants, in some cases completely destroying them by eating them down to the stem. After all this hard work I wasn't going to sit back and watch as everything I'd planted was eaten alive by what I think is a significant flea beetle problem... I broke down and bought some 5% Sevin dust. This goes against the grain since I'm here buying heirloom seeds, starting them from scratch, trying to grow my own food and get a bit back to nature... But when it is me versus the pests, and the pests are winning...

Well I just said "Hell, no!" And got out the big guns. I'm open to suggestions on alternate treatments, if you can guarantee their efficacy and universal use for all plants & bugs. The Sevin dust is doing it's work so far, and the plants are recuperating, albeit slowly.

Pics of my 2 new rose bushes and blueberry bushes to follow.


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