Some recent crafting

Saturday, December 17, 2011

This is a wallet I made for a "scrap happy" swap.  The outside is scrap fabrics sewn together, and inside are bigger pieces of the fabrics to make a zip pouch, cash pocket, and credit card pockets.  This was a ton of work (and re-work) as I tried to figure out the assembly just from looking at pictures.  The pictures I took myself were sort of blurry, so I'm using the ones my partner posted when she received the items.

This one is a needle book.  I'd sewn several scrappy strips together and used different stitch techniques.  Inside is a piece of white felt to put needles in.

Here are some of the hearts I made to swap with others.

This one I made some time ago, it is a sugar skull mug rug:

This little guy I just made a few weeks ago for a "Christmas / winter ninni" swap
 These are pins I made, the one on the left is scrap fabric, the one on the right is made from felt.
 Another item from the scrap happy swap, a mug rug:

And another mug rug I made for the ninni themed swap (can you tell I've been on a mug rug kick lately?  I'd love to have more myself... :)  It would be so fun to have one for every holiday.


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